Exploring Italian Wines: ProWein 2023 ​

Exploring Italian Wines: A Sensorial Voyage at the ProWein 2023 Masterclass

Peter Douglas and Christoph Raffelt on the Italian Masterclass ProWein 2023
Peter Douglas (l) and Christoph Raffelt (r)

The ProWein in Düsseldorf was highlighted by the Meininger Tasting Top 100 Italian Wines, curated and presented by Christoph Raffelt and myself. This selection, stemming from a rigorous blind tasting in February by Meininger’s team, offered attendees an in-depth analysis of Italian wines, encapsulating both traditional methods and contemporary approaches.

The session kicked off with the Asprinio de Angelis. Participants learned about its unique harvesting technique, with grapes being plucked from trees, a method preserved over generations. Tasting notes revealed a pronounced freshness, with undertones of green apple and a hint of citrus, likely attributed to its organic production methods.

Up next was the Sella delle Spine di Caggiano Eugenia, a 100% Fiano. This wine demonstrated the characteristic sharp acidity of Fiano, balanced with notes of tropical fruits and a slight nutty finish, showcasing the potential of volcanic soils it is grown in.

From Volcanic Slopes to Sun-Kissed Valleys

The Tenuta Incarrozza, a blend of grillo and petit manseng, was presented with a detailed breakdown of its maturation process – initially in oak barriques for added complexity and then in steel tanks to preserve its freshness. Hailing from the slopes of Mount Etna, the wine exuded flavors that hinted at its mineral-rich origin, combined with a fruit-forward profile.

The Fontana Reale Riserva Aglianico, aged for two years in Barriques, carried a deep ruby color. Participants noted flavors of dark cherries with a hint of spiced chocolate. Following this, the San Fabiano Calcinaia, predominantly a Sangiovese blend, was introduced. The wine, reflecting its Chianti origin, had a balanced profile of red berries with subtle undertones of leather, providing a snapshot of the Tuscan landscape.

The presentation rounded off with the Marsala wine “Garibaldi” from Sicily. This wine, having achieved a score of 92 in the Meininger tasting, presented a unique fermentation process. Its amber hue and flavor profile oscillated between dried fruits like apricots and a savory nuance, likely from the toasted nuts.

All in all, the ProWein Masterclass delivered an informative session, providing attendees with technical insights, tasting notes, and a systematic presentation of Italy’s varied wine landscape.

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