German Wine Consumption Plummets in 2023

In a recent media release, the German Wine Institute (Deutsches Weininstitut – DWI) reported a significant decrease in the percentage of wine-buying households in Germany for the third quarter of 2023 compared to the previous year.

This data, sourced from NielsenIQ’s household panel, which tracks the purchases of private households, reveals telling shifts in the wine market.

Decline in German Wine Consumption

The proportion of wine-buying households fell from 36.9% in 2022 to 33.8% in 2023, marking a decrease of about 3%. Specifically, the share of German wine dropped from 25.4% to 22.6%, and foreign wines from 26.5% to 23.6%. This downturn, which began in the second quarter of 2023, appears to be continuing unabated.

Less Households are purchasing wine.
Less households are purchasing wine.

The rise in prices, particularly of German wines, has been a significant factor in this decline. Despite an increase in average prices by approximately 10%, German wines managed to maintain their market share in terms of revenue at 46.4%. Meanwhile, Italian wines gained 1.6% to reach an 18% market share, while France, Spain, and overseas origins saw slight decreases.

Italy Wins Again

In terms of types of wine, Germany saw an increase in the market share for white wine by 4.8%, while red wine experienced a steep decline of 10.8%. Italy emerged as a clear winner across all wine colors, particularly in white wine, with a 27.1% increase. Overseas saw large declines.

Wine Consumption in Germany by country.
Wine consumtpion in Germany is declining. (Source. DWI)

Export and Import Dynamics

Despite a challenging economic environment, the average export price for German wines in 2022 rose by €0,20, reaching a new high of €3.15 / liters. This led to a 4% increase in the value of German wine exports, totaling €370m, even though the volume decreased by 3% to 1.17m hl.

The USA, Norway, the Netherlands, the UK, and China were among the top export markets. Notably, exports to China increased by 24% in volume and 22% in value, with an average price of €512/hl

Suprisingly, German wine exports to Russia witnessed an unprecedented surge, marking a significant shift in the global wine market dynamics. The value of these exports soared by 87.3% to €12,931,000, while the volume increased by 89.4% to 56,745 hectoliters. This remarkable growth has elevated Russia to the 11th wine export market, now accounting for 3.5% of Germany’s total wine exports. The average price of €228 per hectoliter underlines the moderate quality of German wines that are increasingly favored in the Russian market.

Value up, volume down. The German wine exports remain challenging. (Source. DWI(
Value up, volume down. The German wine exports remain challenging. (Source. DWI(

Domestic Sales and Imports

On the domestic front, the average price for German wines rose to €4.18/L, but volumes sold decreased by over 14%, leading to an 8% drop in revenue. Foreign wines also saw a decrease in both volume and revenue, with an average price of €3.64/L. Italian, French, Spanish, American, and Austrian wines topped the import lists, with significant value increases despite volume losses.


Despite declining volumes, the average price per HL increased to 315€ in 2023.
Despite declining volumes, the average price per HL increased to 315€ in 2023.

Off-Trade Remains Significant

Discounters and Supermarkets remain the most critical channels.
Discounters and Supermarkets remain the most critical channels.

The per capita consumption of wine in Germany declined by 4% to 19.9 liters in 2022, while sparkling wine consumption remained steady at 3.2 liters. The majority of wine purchases (64%) were made through retail, with discount stores accounting for 37% of these sales. 

These figures paint a complex picture of the German wine market in 2023. The shift in consumer behavior, influenced by economic factors and price changes, has led to noticeable changes in market shares and consumption patterns. The resilience of certain segments, like German wine in terms of revenue and Italian wine in market share, highlights the dynamic nature of the wine industry.

The report can be found on German here.


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