Growing in the Bar Convent Berlin 2023

Ken Narangoda, and Giulio Cossentino the visionary Founders of the creative Italian brand Spirito Fiorentino, reached out with a clear objective on the Bar Convent Berlin: to secure a robust distributor within the EU, with a particular focus on the German market. Based in Florence and operating a wine store, they have already conquered the local gastronomy scene and established their customer base. In addition they are planning to open their new micro-distillery to conncet production and sales. Now, it’s time to grow.


Introducing the Labaro Amaro Viola – a creative blend offering a bitter-dry allure. It’s robust in body and unmistakable with its striking purple color. Crafted with absinthe, myrtle, bitter orange, and natural coloring from the butterfly pea, it’s a sensation waiting to be discovered. A cream liqueur version, “Magnifica,” offers product diversity in mixology. The resulting cocktail, the Florentine Spritz, affectionately dubbed “Fritz,” consists of 4cl of Labaro Amaro Viola, elevated with Prosecco DOC and Ginger Beer and lime. Garnish it with a slice of orange, and there you have it – a refreshingly light-bodied, Instagram-worthy purple spritz. This beverage is crafted for the discerning palate.

But that’s not all. Their portfolio also includes the Grappa “Apparg”, four spirits deeply rooted in Chianti and Brunello di Montalcino. These are available unoaked or oaked for one year. Each spirit seamlessly integrates alcohol, offering a delicate near-creamy texture and a lasting smooth finish. The Chianti spirit captivates with its fruity undertones, while the Brunello di Montalcino demands attention with its robust tannic embrace.

Moreover, these Grappas are bottled in second-fill bottles, dramatically reducing their carbon footprint. An active charcoal closure and a production route of less than 1km enhance this terroir-focused product. The production process emphasizes a full cycle, minimizing waste and promoting sustainability.

Labaro Amaro - The "Fritz"
The Amaro-bsed "Fritz" is the perfect Cocktail. Bitter, slightly sweet and can be consumed in high volume.

Growing Spirits

Before the spirits fair, we met in Berlin’s gastronomic haven, in Berlin-Mitte. We attended the illustrious TIP Food Festival at Clärchens’ ballroom—a venue with a rich history since 1913, representing a bygone era of ballhouses. At this venue, Spirito Fiorentino and I showcased a masterclass in an old mirrored room, introducing these distinguished spirits and the art of mixology to an enthusiastic crowd of about 50 guests. We tasted, mixed, and discussed the spirits. Some attendees scheduled a subsequent meeting at our BCB stand.


Fast forward to our BCB event. Thanks to the flawless organization by the Italian Trade Agency (ITA), we found ourselves amidst a sea of vendors, with our booth attracting more visitors than most of our peers by proactively inviting them to taste our products. Our marketing materials, consisting of cocktail sheets, price lists, business cards, and crafted cocktails, attracted the visitors.

A diverse array of guests, from boutique restaurant owners to international distributors from Australia to Japan, visited our booth. Among them, golden opportunities arose—ranging from event-centric gastronomy chains to high-volume culinary venues. These places are prime real estate for both the Amaro and Grappa.

The momentum continued. Spirito Fiorentino later hosted an exclusive night at the Curtain Club located within the Ritz Carlton in Potsdamer Platz. Around 30 high-caliber attendees savored the “Fritz”, carefully prepared by an the esteemed Italian bartenders Lorenzo Falasca and Riccardo Bucci from REM Roma.


To conclude our journey, we dined at the iconic Il Calice restaurant near Berlin’s upscale Kurfürstenstrasse. As we reflected on this series of events, our focus sharpened on the leads we acquired. And trust me, success is not just a possibility—it’s a certainty. Let’s make it happen!


If you are seeking a distributor through participation in a fair, please feel free to reach out. I will dedicate the utmost effort to support your company’s growth.

The Spirits at the Berlin Bar Convent 2023


This text was neither commissioned nor compensated. It reflects exclusively my own opinion.


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